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The Eden Village Project

A Human Scale, Eco-Logically Diverse, Self-Sustainable
Eco-Village Community
to Save the Earth!

Eden Village is to be a planned EcoVillage Community in Northern California for Ecological, Egalitarian and Cooperative living in a Natural Learning and Healing Environment!

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Self Sustainable

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The Emerald Forest

Eco Village

Eden has been designed around a 2,320 acre Valley that will allow us to be able to grow all the food we would ever need, where we can build all our own naturally passive solar homes in a circle of homesteads all around the rim of this unique and beautiful Valley.

The Spirit of Place

To link people up with a real Connection to the Land and to reinforce their commitment to this community each of those individuals, couples or extended family groups who live in Eden will each be given 5 acres of Eden to build a home on, grow food on and to live on.

3 acre Homesteads

This is the place for you to build a home on within a one acre Circle within which you will do most of the things you do around your home and on a Homestead.

There you may do some gardening, plant some trees, keep some animals, build a workshop or a greenhouse and maybe a cabin for your friends.

The other 2 acres of the Homestead are to be left as wild and free as we find them to protect the natural flow of the land around them.

The Farm Sites

Another 2 acres goes along with each Homestead and right across from it as much as possible.

These are the Farm Sites where you may be able to do some serious small farming, and to practice the Natural Art of Permaculture on.

Or you may want to just grow your own food on that to have for sale and trade within in the community and beyond.

Self - Sustainability

Some people will be able to make a fairly good living right off their own Farm Sites, and that could be enough to support our self quite well.

Others will have a lot of other things that they may do as artists, musicians, and alternative builders and eco-designers and creators of natural products of all kinds.

The Community Farm

This will probably be about 300 acres in raspberries out in the valley that is run like a Community Business to create jobs and to support our own Sustainable Micro-Economy.

Village Foods

We will probably want to have our own home grown natural food store in the nearby town of Willits which is about 3 hours North of the Golden Gate Bridge.

There we will be able to sell some of the things we will be producing in Eden.

This will create even more jobs and a steady flow of income that will circulate in many different ways.

Ancient Valley

There will be a large camping and retreat area which already has 2 beautiful lakes in it and that will be set aside as a natural area along with the surrounding mountains.

That will be left very much the way it is right now and will be used only minimally that will not be developed in any way except for Green Burials way up in the farthest reaches.

Common Grounds

There will be a large 64 acre area of Common Ground along one of the Two Creeks that will be set aside for Open Space purposes.

There we will have meetings or other community activities, like art and music and workshops and Chautaqua style story telling celebrations of freedom and abundance.

Child Centered

Everything we do here is for the Children. They are the future of Eden.

It is for that reason that Eden is considered to be more of a Womens Centered Community as we now must learn to honor the new Voices of the Feminine Spirit.

Women are the child bearers, and raising healthy and happy children in a Human Scale EcoVillage Community Environment is something that no amount of money can buy without Good Mothers.

Wilderness Area

We are backed up against over 50 thousand acres of extensive Protected Wilderness lands all along the east side of the valley that runs right up into Mendocino National Forest and beyond. We have worked very hard to get this turned into a designated wilderness area.

These are all Unceded Indian Lands of the Yuki Tribe. Everything we do here is with respect, for the Indigenous Peoples, who were the original stewards of this land. And so it is in their Honor that we will establish our own EcoSystem Restoration Camp.


We can only continue on with this very meaningful work with a little more generous support as you might have guessed, from at least a few people, who will back us like a rock star. A Contribution of $1,500. will put you on the Stewards Council.

And there will even be 3 Free Indian Farmsites, as our way of giving back, and paying it forwards, out of loving gratitude, for all that we have been given. Many Thanks!

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To Save the Earth


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