The Kindred Spirits Meet

The Kindred Spirits Meet 4 times a year on the Last Saturdays of January, March, May, and September, all at 11am in the Morning right out in front of the Jack London Lodge and the Wolf House restaurant in the very small town of Glen Ellen which is about 45 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Eden Rising

We need to meet the people who might want to help to create this EcoVillage Community and who might want to take a little closer look at the vision as a whole. We need to make an assessment of who we are and where we are going towards the attainment of this vision of a self sustainable community.

Our email group has now grown to over 700 people and we do need to begin to integrate that into a workable whole. Everyone needs to be there to meet with new folks and to hear from everyone who feels they have a sincere interest in this project.

We all have a real part to play in this and there is a great need for people to meet up with T and the others who are beginning to make up the beginnings of an unofficial core group that will  have to be able to plant the beginning Seeds of Eden in fertile ground. Everyone should come clean and neat to show respect for the meet and you might even want to bring some one or some thing to share.

Directions From the Bay Area

Glen Ellen is on Arnold Drive off Highway 12 in between the town of Sonoma and Kenwood. Go north on 101 from the Golden Gate Bridge until you get to HWY 37. Take that east to 121 North towards Sonoma. Keep going north up along the west side of the Valley then go into 116 north and that goes into Arnold Drive which takes you right into Glen Ellen and the Jack London Lodge is right in the center of this very small town and so you just can't miss it and we will be looking out for you as well right out front, so don't go inside until we have had a chance to see you.

From the North

Come down highway 101 to Santa Rosa, Then take the College Exit and then left under the overpass going east which veers into HWY 12 after a while and heads you out past Kenwood, then look for signs for Glen Ellen which is the next town off the highway on your right.

Everyone is searching for their place in Eden right now. A lot of people have come a long way. We have had people come from as far away as Italy and Findhorn. We do have members from as far away as India, and Switzerland, because this really is a global vision. So we all do have to try to make the effort to come to each and every meeting.


Be seen and be heard and begin to get to know the many sides of all the other people because people are very different in person. Folks are welcome to exchange contact info or to stick around and make friends after the meetings. 

People are coming from all over the world. We appreciate all those who have done so much as well as those who have come the farthest.

Do feel free to let us know if you are coming and need camping or lodging information.

Most of the many people who have come to grace our table with their presence have been from within our local focus area which is loosely described as being somewhere in between Santa Cruz and Arcata and then that could extend east up into the Sierras, so you can bring your ideas to share about community, and make some important local connections with folks here in this local EcoRegion.

Ask your questions. Make your proposals and do feel free to present something about yourself in writing if you wish so we can begin to know something about who you are, along with a picture, of you and your family, and a small contribution would be welcomed.

We do welcome others to try to find a way to collaborate with other people in World Service before it is just too late.

We will need a lot of help and supportive people to take up the slack so do feel free to become available to serve. We all know the importance of cooperation and creating a Safety Zone for Truth and Justice Makers to collaborate on some big projects.

So do let us know what part you might like to play or what you might have to contribute towards the vision of Eco-Logical Integration and Sustainable Living. Hi. My name is T. I am just another Ambassador of Change looking for Deep Collaboration. I do have more than just a few acres of good land, which is my home, with lots of Trees, and not much else, but there is always room for new friends. Maybe we could start from right here at home in gender balanced community right here on the land.

We do need somebody to bring a laptop and take the minutes of each meeting and then to get everyone to sign up and then you can train as a moderator which is more about service and facilitation than control and domination. Partnering up is what we are talking about.

We might even welcome your film making skills as an important part of this collaborative effort. If you have the time and the energy for more involvement then you really need to come to the meeting which is always on unless Rain Cancels, and that almost never happens, unless people have been having bad thoughts about T.

Always Glad to hear from our new friends from around the world, but the magic of Eden, is still in deep process, as the faith of those who have been following the project, is still going to have to be grown up to full size, and that has to reach full strength, before it is going to be ready for Eden. But how can you Keep the Faith, when you haven't got it yet? I understand the difficulties.

But in full accordance with the natural order of priorities, the Web of Life comes first, and that only works, by the positive exchange of nutrients and resources. And that is how this community should work.

Nothing negative has any value, and this can all be proven to be true.

What we have seen going on here, in America, is a misplaced sense, of the natural order of priorities, where the negative has been given a falsely positive value, and that could throw everything out of whack.

Eden comes from the very Heart of the Earth, not from any of the various perspectives that have been reinforced by the media, just for their own benefit.

New folks are always welcome. We are always glad to hear what almost anybody may have to say, about what has been said, so do read very deeply into most of the material on this site if you can, and then see if you can add something of value to that.

We are all going to have to learn, how to love everyone in this community, and how to work quite well, with a lot of the natural processes of goodness, and the Feeling of True Love Magic, and with the gentle spirit of loving kindness blindness, and with a depth of generosity, that looks only for the good, and for the right, in all the people who are deeply involved with the birthing of this incredibly beautiful project, as we are welcoming others to join us as the Kindred Spirits of the Emerald Forest, who really do have the True Love Spirit.

Speak out for Eden without fear.
Bring your Spirit, and let them hear.
Eden is Truth, and that is clear.

We are all implicated, in almost every single thing, that has ever taken place, on this finely shaped iron core planet, including hurricanes, and Earthquakes and global warming, and even global dimming, which has been masking the true impacts of that, which just means, that global warming is probably much worse, and much more dangerous than we thought.

We will do anything to support full ice cap retention, because it will take another ice age, to put back what's being lost. That's what full accountability means, and we are on top of that.

We only get out of the full experience of Eden, what we may have put into the full experience of Eden, and so nobody has any right, to make any claims on anything, that they haven't put their whole hearts into for Eden, and for the Earth. You have to have Loved it before you can hate it.

We would be wise to work within the Honor System, and then we will all move on, into a whole new world, of peace and freedom, once we have earned the right to enter, into the midst of Eden, as truly committed members, who know they can trust each other, not to back out on the Earth Spirit of Eden.

The Agenda

These meetings are all facilitated meetings, and that means that people really should only speak up, at first, in the most respectful manner that is possible to imagine, when they have been recognized, and as soon as that condition changes, then they are to become silent again, out of respect for the greater whole, since nothing is ever to be forced in Eden. We make a point and let it stand around for awhile.

What is going to happen? As soon as we all sit down, T will give an introductory talk, on the magical nature of the Project, how it started and how we got this far, where we are going to be taking it from here, and how we are going to get there.

Then we have One Big Fat One Wide Circle go around, where everyone will get a chance to introduce themselves, without being interrupted, and then we each get a chance to talk a little bit about our own bad selves, like where we are coming from, and why we think Eden would be a good fit for us, and then we might take a look at the maps, and the documents, and enter into a much deeper discussion about the true nature of the project, and how it is going to work better if we put the community first.

Eventually the meeting structure may break down, into a series of personal conversations, and the exchange of personal information, and then we will close with a word from T, about the next meeting.

True Collaborators are always welcome, but there are no housing opportunities that can be offered up before we have gotten to know people better. We are still in living in the planning stages era. Nothing is expected, before it is offered, as it is with new friends.

We will talk more about the details at the next meeting, so I want everyone to be there, in a representational manner, as we may have a lot of new people, who may need a little guidance and direction, from the larger group, which has begun to form around this project, in a benign fashion.

Special solutions can be created, for unique individuals, so if you do think you might have, a correspondingly deep and meaningful potential kinship with us, then pack your bags, and bring something to share, when you come to the meeting, and maybe some food for the homeless, and those who are living a simpler, but more meaningful lifestyle, that is closer to the Earth, and those who may be worthy of some recognition, and are closer to the heart of this project.

Those who come will get a chance to look through the latest issue of the Eden Journal which will be available at half price, or for only One Dollar. - T


To Save the Earth