World Service

Because it Takes a Whole Village

Eden Rising

World Service

Everything is planned here to stimulate the next generations deepest desire to continue on with the truly significant work that we have just begun. But we are just to think of ourselves as being benefactors of the Earth. That is why we should want to be able to leave the entire community all paid off for all of the children of Eden to enjoy, whether they are all Twins or not.

Everything we do here is for the Children and the Earth and the positive new Spirit of the new Eco-Logical Revolution that is now quietly sweeping the world. We are the seed planters. We are creating a whole new world in a whole new way. There will be a place for all that is good and right. All good people who have something to offer will be welcomed.

Everyone is seen as having their own personal spiritual perspectives, most of which will be more Earth Centered, Child Centered and Womenís Centered and even Twins Positive to some degree, since it might be interesting to have focus in this regard as we do on so many other counts. We think Twins are more than just interesting and curious and that might be something that we would all like to promote.

Eden is about the creation of an Alternative Educational Learning and Healing Environment that will have a Self-Sustainable Micro-Economy that works.

We will have two main sectors of the economy that jobs will come from. We will have the public sector where jobs will be created by the Community Farm and Village Foods and various other things that will become a very stable part of the Sustainable Micro-Economy.

Another huge part will come from the many Homesteads and Farm Sites and the many jobs that we will create to work with and for each other on our lands and businesses that come from individual and collective resourcefulness. We will also be able to draw from our growing larger resource base of people from around the world who will be coming to learn and to experience Eden for themselves.

To Save the Earth

There will be those who will take upon themselves every kind of work so that all of it is done by our own people as much as possible so the money stays right here in Eden circulating around and around.

Towards that end we may have two different kinds of Local Currency in Eden that could be called Eden Hours and Mendo Greens that are not for profit and Community Service oriented currencies. How will this be paid for? Eden is to be Self Financing.

We won't have to depend upon government grants or rich fat cat benefactors or powerful corporations to fund this project, who would usually come with their own hidden agendas.

This whole project works in a whole new way with the ordinary money a lot of people have in sufficient levels to build this community right now simply by the process of re-allocation of resources and the diversion of wasted energy flows and by recycling our resources.

This way we end up having a lot more freedom in how we set things up. We donít have to try to fit the obsolete expectations of others. We can do this with our own resources and in this way we will be setting an example for others around the world who may then wish to come to us to learn.

Eden will be backed right up against an extensive Wilderness Area which is a huge block of land that extends right up into Mendocino National Forest no less which makes this the most ideal place to plant the seeds of this progressive new community and to begin the creation of The Emerald Forest which will then be able to go on to save the Earth. 

The Contribution Plan

All the Homesteads will be laid out around the outside edge of the valley floor as in a wild circle and the Farmsites will be laid out along the inside edge down in the best farmland areas.

That will give everybody a fairly equal position up and above and back from the valley and with a view across the valley floor and the mountains and hills on the other sides and nothing but the wilds of nature behind us and just a short walk from everything.

The projected Contribution Pledges are on a variable rate sliding scale that progresses in time. Those who step forward among the first will be paying a little upwards of $36,000. Then as we progress the will go up a on a slowly expanding sliding scale.

Those who come much later on for whatever reason will still be able to get in at an affordable rate because it really will have just that much more value at that point as we will already have begun to set up and to create this community.

The 3 acre Homesteads will be 200' wide and about 650' long.

The One Acre Living Circles will be 200' wide and about 277 feet long.

The 2 acre Farmsites will be about the equivalent of exactly 180' wide and 484' long.

Some folks are just not going to need the 2 acre farm sites so those seniors who don't want to do any farming may choose to get in for a little less which amounts to a savings of exactly one fifth.

They will get in for as little as $28,800. due to the Seniors Discount. And that can be paid for by the month just like any other Contribution Pledge. And that is with a full sized 3 acre Homestead just like any other only they will have no Farmsite to be bothered with.

Everyone else is on the same Equitable Sliding Scale that changes within the emerging time frames including the Vegan Village as a whole which will be the equivalent of 18 Homesteads and 18 Farmsites.

What they will contribute will be the equivalent of exactly 18 times the base contribution pledge for a full homestead which is $36,000. as you might have expected. That would will be only $648,000. which is much less than the cost of the average home in the bay area.

Watershed Integration

Eden is a legendary place that is buried deep within the heart of Mendocino County but it is such a well kept secret that even many of the local folks donít know itís even up there. We will use simpler and easier ways of doing things more affordably.

What comes from the Earth goes back to the Earth. That sets us free to live the way we should be able to live which is a purely natural way of life in Peace and Freedom.

Mendocino County is very progressively oriented in many ways. It is the first county in Northern California or anyplace else in the Americas or the world for that matter to have outlawed Genetically Altered Crops.

There is also a special provision called Section K in Mendocino County that allows for a little more leeway for folks like us who are going to be building homes for our own use out in the country.

Eden is tucked away beautifully into an area we call the Middle Eel Watershed which is part of the larger North Coast Eco-Region which has a strong Eco-Logical presence. We can take our humble places in these beautiful blue waters and ride these wild waves as far as we might ever hope to go.

Natural integration is not just another quick fix in this part of the country where protecting the environment needs to be taken into account with consideration for jobs and people and places for people to live and with an eye towards environmental justice and with respect for the plight of native peoples around the world.

And The Emerald Forest

Life itself as we see it was not just found ready to go and it may not last forever either. That is not what we were taught to think. But that is to be resisted. We are among those who have survived the floods of wrongful indoctrination.

We are among those who have climbed out of the watery seas and we are among those who have climbed out of the forests not so very long ago and walked up to the fire.

Why did that all happen? Life creates more life by diversifying and it does that by changing existing places and turning them into better and better habitat for all to share.

Life creates its own new habitats. We are that life. Now we must learn to mimic that life. We have changed the atmosphere. We have changed the climate. We have changed the soil.

We have changed the whole environment so that the scope of life could be expanded upon and the dream of the future could be fulfilled which not to come to a dead stand still and pitch camp on the first stepping stone we may find.

Now it is time to take it to the next step in this very old process of constant renewal through new creation.

We feel that this may be our best way to serve the life we have been given to propagate that life we have found ourselves in the midst of on this Earth even though many of us may feel we are quite disconnected from it all but now we are going reconnect some of that all up again. No one else can do it. The Earth needs our help. Only we can do what needs to be done at this important time of the changing tides.


Our survival is at stake here. We must now begin to wake up to this new responsibility to carry the life on this planet into the next phase and this is our natural birthright if we can make it happen and it is not if we canít. We must begin to reproduce the conditions in which we can live beyond just this one small planet which has already been done.

We must begin now with Eden which has an important part to play within the Emerald Forest which is made up of as many progressive communities we can find and who we will help to create here in the Americas and all over the world who will stand in alignment with our common vision of an Earth Restored and a World at Peace.

We need to get ready to divert this dead end path we now find ourselves on so that we can begin to make a major change in the directions we are already heading in and so we can begin to move towards the beginning of a new beginning regardless of the fact that many others will continue on down the same dead end path of self satisfaction and the end of all life on Earth.

Our only answer is to start now to create new ways of working within the existing natural orders that we find ourselves within which is how things really do work in the real world. There is no End of Time and there is no Beginning of Time.

We are only inviting other creatively rich and self sufficient people to join in with us who come in full collaboration and as supportive and fully companionable members who can work cooperatively within the larger resource base that is behind this emerging vision and within the creative new framework of the Kindred Spirits of the Emerald Forest.


We have not yet even begun to deal with the very serious problems that will be coming right up in a series of waves that will swamp us like a Tsunami if we don't start making better plans right now. But as you can see all around you very few choices have been made but to postpone making any choices until the effects have become almost completely irreversible.

That is all because of the unsustainable practices and faulty thinking patterns that have plagued our great nation and that will all come crashing down upon us very quickly if we cannot disengage ourselves immediately from this wrongheaded media-cracy that has gotten us caught in this trap to begin with and that has sold our children out for money.

Real Freedom does not come cheap. We are not going to become Truly Free until we have become much more universal in scope and hope and that's what this project is all about.

We now need to begin making some choices about where we are really going with this whole new thing we have called living life like it really mattered right here on Earth and within the Spirit of Place in Eden.

We do need to point out some of the invisible boundary lines here just a little bit. There are some boundaries that do need to be respected and there are some distinctions that do need to be made.

We do need to know who is really in the game and who is not really in the game and on what scale because we do actually have to be able later on to continue to change the game in an orderly manner as we progress over and onwards in our efforts to step up and out and over the entire universe. 


There are going to be many more changes we are going to need to begin putting into place as we must move way beyond the sidewalks if only to protect the natural integrity of this one small planet and all the life on it so that we donít all go the way of the Bongo or the Oryx or the White Rhinoceros.

If we don't move now the Earth could even get further Jacked by these Pirates and parted out for spare parts.

We will all have to volunteer to serve the Earth and all her children in the one way that she really does need our help.

If we donít get control of our own human scale sustainable natural economies we will have no choices because all of our choices will already have been made by these Pirates. 

The Emerald Forest

Some of us may have found these self imposed limits of our own confinement on Earth to be only moderately interesting at best.

Very few people ask the question why anything real ever needs to be brought up except for those of us here in the Emerald Forest who thrive on such things and then they are so quickly taken by the fact that there is no other ready made place to go without realizing that it is now up to us to create a whole new series of new life supporting environments that may start right here in Eden and that is why we must choose all of the very best places around the world and throughout the Universe and then these stepping stones will take us out to the farthest shores which may be where we will find our childrens land. How does that sound?

How it Works

Each of these new communities will have to be planted like a Tree. These Trees planted far apart at first will connect up and grow up to become the Emerald Forest.

This deeply rooted and self preserving Forest will stand long after the obsolete city based consumer lifestyles of the rich and famous have all dropped off dead and died and we will then slowly begin to reclaim the Earth as has been predicted by various native peoples.

Life itself needs to be renewed from time to time. And that time is now and we are the people. It may be our job to carry that life to the other planets and that will create the beginnings of a real habitat for humanity that is Universal in nature for the first time if ever in a long time and that may well be rebuilt in accordance with all that really is Eco-Logical.


To Save the Earth