Because it Takes a Whole Village

Eden Rising

A Growing Vision

The living natural environment is now becoming much more self organizing. It is now learning how to think and how to know and how to understand itself again the way it used to be right here in North America around the time the horses died and before that which is where all of our roots really do trace back to.

Now it is very much like an older person falling back into the hands of some of it's own children, when some of them can not be trusted. But what if some of those horses hadn't been re-established some place else? They would now be all gone.

We now may have a very real responsibility to continue on in that same vein with the entire Web of Life. And this is very much like the younger taking care of the older as is often the case when someone grows very old and may have a right to expect something in return for all that they have given, and all that they have done for the community.

But if we do not feel the need to earn a respected place within the community, then what rights will we be able to claim? We know that need is not enough.

We are now being asked to begin to consider becoming an actively integrating part of this process. And to start making better plans which branch off like Twins at every node.

This project, as we can all see, does have its own root system, that is well grounded in the Earth Spirit of Truth, and it does not simply come from a lot of hot talk about various peoples opinions all somehow adding up into something that is completely well integrated, when that is probably not even possible to imagine, except in a deep fantasy world.

Maybe the averaged out opinions of the millions of people did not create it, and cannot make any real contribution to it.

Maybe we have not yet received their herd like stampede of approval, but they will have to embrace a child that was not born out of ignorance, and accept that as their own, for it has been given as a perfectly good child that is more than worthy of their love.

There really is no other choice here but to choose to live a real life where you really will be truly known and respected for all the very real things that you have done as a fully functioning human.

We are among those who must begin to put deeds before words, and that simply means that no credit can be given for words of promissory commitment, before they have been fulfilled, within the Honor System, which alone can tell us which way to go, from where we now stand, since we seem to have forgotten some of our primary objectives.

We are living within something which is itself as a living organism that just now has largely maxed out in its potential for growth and development.

Now it must prepare to make the next move forwards or backwards, or sideways, or straight up, or down, as it may self destruct upon reaching peak ignorance, if we do nothing.

Life must be passed on or it will die. It seems to know its own death is coming near this time around and it has called us to its side. And what it is saying is for us to begin to act as its care-people.

It wants us to begin to take on the responsibilities for making more and more of the decisions affecting its life, as it would be with an older person who has earned great honor and respect within the community, and just needs a little help getting around. Who would not be glad to lend a hand?

We are just now becoming more able to do things that we could never even imagine before. But without further integration nothing is possible, but falling into a sorry state of anonymous isolation.

We are becoming more and more able to see a little more of the whole vision of what life is really all about. What it wants. What it needs. What it is trying to say to us. Or what it would say if it could talk. Who do you think is the voice of that life?

Most people are still not even ready to begin to listen much less to blurt something out for the rest of us to have to clean up after later on, and just to be grasping for power here is not to be respected. That is why we do all have to learn to speak with great care and to use extreme grace in all matters here in Truth.

These are just good solid tools for sustainable living.

Do you think we are to look towards these little half thoughts and opinions among those who have shown no understanding and have shown no love and who come with no consideration for what it is that they have been honored to have been allowed to enter even this far into by the loving grace of the many who have died in childbirth just so that we all could continue on with this important work of Global Restoration?

These are the people who we must be able to reach out to with our message of an Earth Restored and a World at Peace without falling into the trap of dependency and disregard.

Let us not become like the overgrown sons and daughters of the all too many people who are destroying the Earth right this minute with their imaginary needs for more power and that is what is threatening this thing we call the fragile balance of Life on Earth which we do not yet know how to serve without some guidance and direction, and yet we will not learn, because it makes us feel bad. And to give up power is something that we just will not do.

What the people will always want to do is hopeless, and that is not our compass.

More and More People is not the answer. More and More People just do not know how to love the Earth, and to take their humble places within the Natural Order of Priorities, with respect for all living things.

We are not asking any of these people to jump off the cliff any more than we are asking them to dump their mountain of thoughtless disregard upon this group as that will be disregarded as a near miss that was wrongly based.

Freedom has to be earned. Make your contributions known.

We are not going to join the others in fighting over the Earths last remaining resources. Those have already been sold along with the habitat of the native peoples who once lived there. And our own children will be the next ones to be sold if we don't make other plans to become self sustainable.

But it may have occurred to more than just a few people that we may need a better road map, for some of these off the grid areas, that are not even on the map, and that is what these recent new ideas have been all about, just to create some new tools that we can use in the very distant future, when they will be badly needed, for we are the people who must begin to think far in advance, and to go Beyond the Sidewalks of quiet desperation, and to find a place to earn a sense of real freedom completely off the grid.

What we are doing is going to be more like planting a thousand Trees. And then we can just walk away. And I really do hope you enjoy the experience of becoming at least a fully human part of this Amazing Universe.

We have put these materials on the water in a very simple way at first and then it grows from there. Others must find a way to add to the material in a positive manner. This is what we have been doing for some time now through the Eden Journal. And that has documented our development.

Now we have the website and the email group and the Lodge Meetings as well as the Hikes, and the Workgroup, and the articles of association and the Stewards Council have even begun to form.

Natural Priorities

We are stepping into an ongoing world here that really does have its own natural world of priorities that are still yet to be discovered. We don't know what really comes first. But everyone should be able to live in a warm and snug home who has done what it takes to build one.

That is getting more and more difficult to do for some folks considering all the codes that the counties keep using to hold people down and to keep people from being able to provide for their own most basic housing needs without going deeply into debt just to pay for something that is way too expensive and does not really suit their needs.

That keeps the people in many ways from experimenting with the Eco-Logical Solutions that are so badly needed now. Simple things like Composting toilets become a huge problem with the fixed minds of those who would be content to thwart our every effort just to maintain the Status Quo.

That alone along with the exorbitantly high price of a conventional home and the huge Eco-Logical Footprint that it makes is a perfectly good reason for whole lot of people to want to break away from the wall street kings and form their own sustainable communities in peace.

This will become more and more common in the near future as we begin to see a few things unravel in the cities as evidenced by the new millennium which has been marked by the collapse of the world trade center and the advent of a whole new level of senseless rioting, road rage and random acts of violence. And we may even be implicated since we have been among those who have been enabling the offenders with an artificial brand of self glorified freedom that can only be called premature in the extreme.

Dreaming Community

It is High Time for the new full sized human scale Eco-Village Community to begin to shift the way the future is going to roll.

People are going to need some help getting free from the rat race. They are going to want to visit an Eco-Village like Eden Village which will become quite an attraction to a whole lot of people.

People need to see what it looks like and what it feels like and to do more than just to meet the people and look around. You need to be immersed in Eden for at least a few weeks to get the full experience and that is what we are going to be able to do.

We are going to be creating that possibility for a growing wave of interest that will follow us back to Eden every time we put on a big show in the city.

There aren't too many other choices out there. That's why it's time to create some new ones. And a lot of that is going to fit right into our own community vision of a larger network of communities that could be called The Pleiades Eco-Village Network of which Eden is just one small part which in turn is just one small part of the Emerald Forest.

Eco-Village Retreat

Eden could also have an Eco Retreat Center which could become an important way of bringing new people in as well as to be able to serve others while supporting ourselves with additional income. There could even be a place where people could stay in homes on wheels.

People are going to be in need of Eden for many reasons. They are going to want to find some peace and healing. We've got that. Eden is going to be like a mountain spring in a very thirsty world.

We will be able to help make that happen for other communities as well and in other parts of the world. But that house in the city or that land up in the mountains, goes on the market now if you want to really do your part for Eden. 

We are actually going to be doing much of this with the equity most homeowners have doing nothing right now but sitting around getting fat.

Older folks who are almost through working are expected to have enough money to do something like this on that alone and whatever fixed incomes they may have which is more than enough for Eden, but would not be enough to find peace in the overgrown cities of doom and gloom.

Young folks must be able to bring enough energy and vitality if not large sums of money or outside fixed incomes, because everyone does have to be able to do their part one way or the other. Self responsibility. That is the only way it can work. We can only work with things that do work, and not with things that don't work.

Earn Your Way

Some may be able to earn their own way but others will not be able to do that. Some will be supported and others will not. But it may not always work the other way around.

Eden is not a public school system. It is not a national park. We have to be able to work within certain natural limitations. We may even have a few unnatural limitations that seem to have cropped up during the last ten thousand years like overpopulation which might be impacting on our lives in the very near future even more than it is already if we don't make firm plans to change directions now.

Otherwise there just aren't a whole lot of fast forwards laying around that you can just pick up and run all around with.

We just have to be prepared to trade one great big dead thing in for the living Truth here, which is not such a bad deal. We can't always have it both ways. We don't believe in that which is not true. But we do have a little help already set up in place:

Mendocino County

Section K is a great big old provision up in Mendo which allows us a lot more freedom in building than we would normally have other counties. And that means a big break on all the red tape that most other folks would be tripped up in big time.

Normally, the higher price of land and the excessively restrictive county ordinances would eat us alive, and that is something we have been wise enough to be able to avoid in our choice of Mendocino as one of the best places for this kind of community anywhere on the left coast of Northern California while still not being that far from some of the major population centers way down in the bay area.


Because the land is a little cheaper and we know what to do with the lives we have been given we are the rightful peoples to step forth to become the Edenites but that will require some new learning processes.

We will have good land too, and that has been deeply overlooked by the invasive city developers who are too greedy for their own good and so it remains long forgotten even by most Mendocino County folks who have to have it pointed out to them on the map for the most part and then they still can't figure out how you get there. And we do want to keep it that way so please don't allow anybody to blab off on us about the land. Our focus and the focus of all new people is not on the land, but on the community. The community comes first and then the land will follow.

Community is Freedom

This is about creating a common understanding about how life on Earth could be allowed to work. We do all have to be able to work quite well with the way things actually already are and that alone may explain the otherwise unforgivable attitudes you may find expressed here.

That is all for good reasons and we do have to ask you all to pick up the bill for everything and to clean up your own mess. It does go far beyond what most people have ever asked for and so we do feel we have a right to expect there to be some willingness to listen and learn.

We do expect people to want to keep on growing and expanding their level of involvement within their own lives and within this growing community.

It is never going to be just another dead end job in the dead end world so many of us are trying to climb out of before we all sink into the Dark Ages of Doom and Gloom which will only last forever this time but that is way too long for those of us who had some better ideas about which way to go from here. 

Earth Changes

Eden is seen as being an ever changing work in progress. And the same thing can be said about the vision we share. It is always alive and growing and never always knowing.

We work in the absolute pitch dark or with whatever light we may have or no light at all as it may seem to be at some times without complaining. That is how we get in.

Some people may well want us to pin it all down like it was a product for sale. We will produce many such products for sale and trade within the community. But this is not primarily about that.

I do understand the need for a certain amount of security and even the tendency to revert to a lower frame of mind when confronted with our last one way ticket to freedom.

It is all so very common. That's why we have gone into so much of this in such great depth and detail to get the general understanding across if not the full impact of the Emerging Changes in Truth that will be needed for our very survival so that we really can Save the Earth.

Consensus Democracy

There will be about 80 some people on the Stewards Council. One from each of the 70 or so Homesteads and 18 from the Vegan Village which is like its own smaller community within the larger community.

That will be the equivalent of 18 Homesteads and Farm Sites and that will put in 18 times as much economically so everything is proportional. But everything is done out of good will and cooperation. One thing flows into another but all things serve the One Vision of the One People with a Vision of Truth First and taking care of the Universe.


Let us know what you would like to do in Eden. Other neighborhoods could begin to form which could choose to work cooperatively together as well.

We do welcome all forms of positive participation. You do have your own part to play. And your own work to do. And we do expect you to join in with this group as an actively supporting and fully functioning participant who can help change the world. And that really is a subversive act.

- T


To Save the Earth