Children of the Earth

Because it Takes a Whole Village

Eden Rising

Eden is the Earth

Eden is the Earth as it once was. Eden is the Earth as it could be. Eden is the Earth as it should be. Eden is about the Trees. Eden is about the Wind. Eden is about the woods and the Waters and the Natural Exchange of Nutrients and Resources.

Eden is about the Land. And Eden is about the People and Plants and the Animals that we have all grown up along side of and within. Eden is about propagation for the continuation of the Web of Life.

We are a New People. We are a True people. We may even be the Adams and Eves of this world and that will soon need to be integrated very quickly. That's why it really does matter how we approach this thing right from the start.

How it Works

The community works by having every ones complete support and Trust. And that really does have to come first. Your life is not going to be just about your own little life anymore. Not like it used to be, and that may not be such a bad thing. But it could be about something much more real than anything we have ever had the chance to experience before.

It could be about something much more engaging than you have ever been able to conceive of. It could be about having your own people and a real community to share. It could be about the people and the plants and the animals in Eden who are your friends.

It could be about the children. And I mean all the Children. We have a tremendous potential for growth and change and now we are going to actualize some of that. We are a creating a Whole New Story right here in the middle of the Universe, one that makes sense.


It could be about the watershed we live in and not just our own but all of the North Coast Eco Region we live within and we will play a very Key role in the protection and the propagation of all that is good and right and has turned out well in this region.

And it could be about the Earth and all the people and the plants and the animals who live here without ever knowing who is going to take care of this EcoRegion. Well it's our job now. It's every ones  job.

This is about working with what you've got and what is here to work with that really does work. Even if you don't think you have anything much to offer that is what we are all going to have to learn to work with one way or another.

We don't want to be the people who have everything. We don't even like most of what they try to sell us. We are just volunteering to become the Stewards of the Earth.

We have called the people to action from all over the world. And now they have begun to show up and some are still wet from the green wet jungles they have just climbed out of. That is what the Magic of Eden is all about. It is just dripping wet with the Magic that life is made out of so let's try to keep it as pure and clean as we can.

Its only Natural

It is our job to take care of the land and the people and the natural environment that surrounds us. That is the assignment we have been given.

We have a vision to share. We are not here just to cover our own backsides for a lifetime that goes nowhere and means nothing. That should already have been tried by now. And you should know that it doesn't work when nobody cares.

We've been waiting such a long long time and now that it's here all this other stuff comes up. Weird things. Where does that all come from? That is actually very normal. We should not be at all surprised.

Children do feel the need to act up from time to time if for no other reason than just to see if it works. But don't blame your self for too long. That's just the way people test things to see how easy they are to break and whether they can control them or not. Every child does that.

Who Knows?

You should be willing to go where this is going. It may be even better than any other place you've ever been. We don't make a lot of empty promises. A lot of the focus is on what is possible for us to do right now and within the next few years within the process of the creation of this Magical Community. We have to become very pragmatic people here.

Disengaging from the System

In this way we will have to be willing to vote with our feet this time and not just words. We are disengaging our self but not without taking full responsibility for the creation of another whole new world that is more sustainable and that we would like to be able to share with a whole lot of other folks who are agreeable right here in the Americas and around the world. And so in that way it does come back again like the Dove in the Myth, and with an Olive Branch in its mouth, both of which would be excellent symbols for what it is that we are doing here.

The Dawn of Peace

We carry the Olive Branch of Peace and Environmental Justice into a new world of our own creation through the Natural Order of Priorities. And it all starts right here within the Honor System of Truth that no wrong thing be done without full accountability. But this is just the beginning.

Eden is just a new starting point for an even larger vision of an Earth Restored and a World at Peace that is actually a fairly accurate assessment of what this project is really all about which goes way beyond just the dream of paradise so many are waiting for. But these are just the early stages.

Many assumptions will be made. We don't answer every question. Most will have to be left in their wild state which is the world we live in now. Welcome Home.

Most everything that needs to be understood in Eden will be at long last and at just the right time one fine day which may even have been chosen for just that purpose. But anything sooner would be an abrupt interruption of the natural Magic of Eden that is to be listened to and not prematurely misunderstood. That means that nothing is forced out of fear and the need for domination and control. We don't use coercion. Judgmental people will not be welcomed.

Push and Pull

There is a push and a pull involved in all relationships. Those who want to help us to create this community will have to find a new way to do so in a very big way while asking for very little back.

We do need some very real levels of high quality collaboration to start coming through in a very big way but you should be able to demonstrate your ability to self integrate into this extremely well conceived project without needing too much attention.

If you need it to be the way it is not it is not going to work that way. If you are willing to enter into it the way it is everything may just open up for the right person just like it is in the real world. But you must be willing to be the first one to move and to get into the groove.

Some may choose to challenge the organizer out of a great deceit learned from early age when they were allowed to get over on people they shouldn't have been able to get over on. That comes from the Wrong Education of the Family Stone.

For All the Children

Every Child challenges the world they live in, parents, brothers and sisters and even inanimate objects. They will try to make things do what they want. And this often does lead to injury of themselves and the world they live in. We have no time to waste on such people.

I am only here as a friend and a guide along the trails that lead up to Eden. But even that is only if you are worthy of that friendship and that guidance and have some good love feeling in return.

What I am looking for primarily at this time is other self competent and cooperatively minded people like myself who are willing to go right to work or will wait till the time is right to make a very real and significant contribution toward this fine and elegant new project which thing by the way is how you become one of the Edenites.

Meet the People

I will be glad to meet with and talk with all the people at the Lodge Meetings and on the Hikes up into Eden Country and in the groups and on the road and at the many events where I can be found feeding the great hunger for Sustainable Community in this world.

I am not expecting people to just give up all their own pet beliefs and ideas as might be the case in some other community. We do intend to integrate many of those ideas into Eden. We do need people who can help to create what needs to be created.

We do need people who can help to push this project way beyond the mere beginnings which I have begun to put before the people out of a sense of urgency in the light of recent world events.

This project is not all about me as some have chosen to assert but then maybe it should be. We could even start a new religion. Maybe you would like to become a very big part of that. Maybe you are a very big woman.

But if it does begin this way on a very personal level that is out of a principle we use in Permaculture all the time which is called using what you've got. There really is a personal element that has rightfully been put right in place here. We do have to have something we can begin with. We start with many people, with many gifts and talents, and we all have various resources and some of them are worth much more than just money. The rest not so much.

Eden is a Living Thing

It is not just another public institution you can enter in with no regard for anyone or anything anymore. Eden is much more personal right now. It is not ever going to be about the kind of anonymous isolation you might find in a compartment in the cities. Here you will be hooked up proper.

Very few have begun to even consider these very real serious dangers to the very fabric of the Web of Life that wrong livelihood and no community has brought about because these unwitting captives of the ethics of mass mediocrity have remained merely self centric in their perspectives. That is what needs to change first before we may allow any one person to proceed into Eden with the power of True Love Magic that is given to all True Edenites, once they have earned it.

We are still in the promotional stages. Few have really appreciated the fine opportunities that stand before us all right here that are well worth giving up all need for control.

Community is about relationship not domination and control and so some of these things that we have been taught in school and through the media will have to be dropped before we can enter into Eden as one of the True Edenites and that process usually takes about 3 to 5 years, even though we pretend that it isn't important and nobody cares.

Eden is a Non-Product

If you want to help to define this project you will have to show that you have some very real contribution to make. 

T is not always going to be able to grant every whim or make every concession and he cannot be expected to reverse every decision.

He may feel that it is not for him to decide on some things so there is much that will have to be left to be integrated later by the whole community through the Consensus Process.

I do try to limit myself to being just another member of this group as much as I can, and then I plan to die. And to a certain extent that is true. But not always. Never is a very long time.

 I am only partly responsible for the ongoing presentation of this material to a certain extent, and so when the question comes up about what was meant by something that was said, then I am willing to be held responsible to this community as a worker for the cause who may have made a few mistakes, in the presentation but will try to explain. Please accept my humble apologies in advance.

I will continue to expand upon some of these things but I am not in a position to speak with absolute authority about all manner of things that are very often going to be beyond my control.

 I think I should have a right to expect others to begin to share in the responsibilities of the creation of the ongoing emerging vision of Eden and the Emerald Forest. As a result there are many questions that I cannot be expected to be able to answer to or that I would be responsible for that may be beyond the scope of whatever it is that I may know for certain.


We do need some accountability but I have set things up so that they will inevitably lead to a situation which is beyond my need to be in control since I do have many much more important things to do.

There is the great danger that I have already faced many times before that we as a larger group may not be ready to carry on with the full set of responsibilities that should be placed in our collective hands as soon as possible. 

A more gradual change into having a more responsible role in the community might be a better idea. In any community a full 3 to 5 years might be a good period of time to consider before full citizenship is granted as most people are still carrying a lot of foreign material that really has no application and could even be a great detriment to us all.

We do need to set up a system of the orderly transfer of power from where it has rightfully originated over to the Consensus Council but that council needs to be put together with people who have actually become True Edenites instead of being just a bunch of people who did respond to the call because there is a very real difference.

An Integrated Council can be given much more decision making power to carry the weight of this grand and beautiful project as if it were a newborn child and on into the future of All Life on Earth. See you all in Eden.

Those who have been true to the vision of Eden and who really do come in good faith and bring good will and with some love and with some willingness to trust will have to reach out at first and then we can begin to reach out to each other after that and together we will move towards the Integration of this Community with some guidance and direction from below at first and then less and less will be needed as we become launched over a 5 year period of time. -

Jobs are important. We want every child who grows up in Eden to have a job waiting there for them when they are ready for it.  - T


To Save the Earth

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