Common Goals

Because it Takes a Whole Village

Eden Rising

Common Ground

We will all work together on various projects maybe at least 4 hours a week. That will make it possible for people to begin to get to know each other in the real world. And that way we become good neighbors. Good neighbors become good friends. In this way we move closer together.

We will also work together on various Environmental and Social Justice projects and in all different ways to integrate our lives into Eden. Those with children can share in a child care network leaving people more free to enjoy more positive adult interactions.

People will donate some of the things we need to support our many causes and to continue on with our many projects. So we will need to have a combination of many different kinds of money, ordinary money, Mendo-Greens and Eden-Hours, as well as barter and trade.

Everything costs some small amount of money. We will need to build the New Road. We will need to build the Community Water System. We will need to plant the Community Farm. We will need to build the Ark. These are all very big projects.

All of Eden has been planned on a very large scale, just like the Ark, as compared with almost all other communities. And the reason for that is that the size of the valley, must meet the size of the imagination.

We just see this as being one whole place, that has been re-discovered, and identified as the best place in the world, or at least here in Northern California, for this community, and that should not ever be broken up into little pieces, because it has a natural integrity.

The Pledges

The Pledges are just our way of paying for the land and that will start the ball rolling, but that is not going to be enough to carry the whole thing through forever and ever.

There is not a whole lot of leeway built into that. That is going to be just enough, to buy the land and take care of the most important projects.

The Pledges will start at $28,800. with the Seniors Discount and the regular Pledges will start at $36,000. Depending upon when you come in and how much you can put down. Most people will be expected to put down at least $4,800. to $6,000.

Now is the best time to become one of the Friends of Eden and to begin to make your place here among us in Eden. That's why it is less now. Later on it will cost more as we progress.

This is more than just fair enough, for what amounts to a total of 5 acres of land for each family to use and to have as and to protect and to take care of.

That is not even counting the lakes out in Ancient Valley, or the hundreds of acres in the surrounding mountains, that we will collectively become the stewards of, or the Village in the commons area which is going to be about 64 acres, which will showcase our community.

That is not even counting the Common Farm which is also commonly held open spaces of 200 to 300 acres out in the rest of the heart of the valley, or even the excellent community, of good friends and neighbors, it is so carefully integrated within, as a result of which you just could not do any better for yourselves, anywhere else that I know of, as separate land buyers and home builders, only this time we will have a whole community of supportive people all around us.

That tall stack of Pledges, is going to help out some, but that is just barely going to be enough, to be able to pay this very high quality piece of land, upon which we plan to grow a more whole and fully self sustainable community.

That initial money, may even help us to get us started on a few of the most basic things. But we will need a lot more after that to continue on with our work. That's why we have created the Community Farm, to be our biggest money maker, and all the mini farm sites, all around it, so we can keep on making more than enough money, both for the community itself, and to keep doing well enough, for ourselves, as well.

A certain amount of personal self reliance will be needed, but here money is only used as a tool, to get some things done. The early money only takes care of the early things. That is not the whole journey to the center of the Earth.

That is just the price of admission into this brave new world, where the best land does have to be attained at all cost, and that does take some serious money, whether you are going to take care of it by building a sustainable way of life in community, or are just there to run it the whole place into the ground, like we see going on everywhere else. 

EcoVillage Homes

We will all help out in many different ways. We do give a lot of things away for Free, but nothing you would recognize as being of any value or you would have pushed that Donation Button already and made a large donation or sent a check for an amount that is above and beyond any of the pitifully small amounts that have ever been asked for here.

That is how you prove that you really are worthy of becoming one of us. We are all making a series of great contributions here. I myself have my own place on a few acres in the  beautiful wine country where I have lived for over 20 years that is all surrounded by Trees, and it has about a thousand trees on it, and it runs on all Solar Power, and that land that is my heart and my home is something that I would love to share with you or would like to donate or see put to a very worthy cause, if at all possible with little regard for the current market value which really is something like about 225 thousand.

Everyone has a little money and everyone makes a little money as a part of the community support system. But we will all have to be held accountable, to do our part. That overabundance of mutual support, and contributions of time, money and energy, is what makes jobs possible, and new life possible, and for many other good things to be made to happen.

Eden Hours are what we will use to keep track of some of these contributions that will need to be accounted for in some way for greater workability. Because we do plan to credit the people who may not have a lot of money, or property, but do rack up the credits, so others can be counted on to return the favor when those who have done so much just do need a little help.

So many people think this is about leaving civilization behind, just because it's not on the outskirts of small town America. But those small towns will soon be swamped with new industrial developments, and that will destroy the natural beauty of these areas, that we need to be left intact. 

What we are creating replaces the small town mentality, with the vision of a Sustainable EcoVillage Community, that is beyond the reach of these destructive market forces of need and greed, that causes people to build all these subdivisions, in the flood plains of self inflicted devastation.

We are just the humble creators of this new vision of EcoVillage Community. Come and join us if you can. And it does not need to remain dependent that much, upon the old ways of exploitation, and to remain susceptible to probate, and other forms of unnatural degeneration through wrongfulness of holding patterns. 

We have our own world to begin to take responsibility for now.

We can take what we want and leave the rest. And we will provide all the provisions, and put the people together who do fit, using the compound principle of Selective Inclusivity, and we will then delineate, using consensus council, what all the laws of sharing and caring will be, concerning this new world, that has finally fallen into the hands of those who would at least hear the Truth before executing it on the spot.

I think we will all, one day, be able to share in the credit, for what we have done, including some of the worst decisions ever made, and real opportunities that have been lost, and horrible mistakes that have come out of a bad combination of mercy and wrongful credulity. But you do have to earn your place in Eden, before you can burn it.

Coming Into Our Own

I believe a few of you even, may be beginning to realize that we are now beginning to come into our own new world. We are disengaging from the system. But we will still want to maintain communication, with many other fine people all over the world. We may have quite a few new solutions to old problems that may even be in some great demand.

A Sustainable EcoVillage Community is, in and of itself just such a thing, that is wanted and needed, and they are already out there looking now for this new EcoVillage thing, that they have heard so much about, and that may be why we have attracted so much attention, already, even during these dark and thoughtless times.

 People want EcoVillage right now. And they will do almost anything to get it. Interesting situation, that we will find ourselves sitting on, in just a few short years, if we don't mess things up big time, by allowing the power of numbers, to lead us down the road of blunders. That is why we never gang up on people, because that is cowardice.

The Friends of Eden

We don't conform to a rigid program of any kind. You don't even have to say you believe, in every part of the vision. We don't need that, and you probably haven't got it anyway. But  we do have to come into some very strong alignments in various ways, and so you should be able to do more than just support most of this.

Voluntary Compatibility means you will have to give up some of your hard held positions, that have come down to you from the Dictatorship of the Status Quo, as a lifetime of illegitimate co-dependency is not being offered here.

We do have a right to expect you, to be real big on Eden, if nothing else. And we do like to see signs of that, in a very real way.

We do have to all believe, very deeply, in what it is that we are doing together, or something equally interesting, and that is because we don't need to bring a lot of empty stragglers along, who would only bring us down because they have no real contribution to make, and are only here to take and bake.

This is not just another green housing development. It does have to mean something very real, to each one of us. And we will insist upon having, a high concentration of the people who have the True Spirit of Eden, and something very real to share.

I do think that we will have the unique advantage of not having our lives being tied to the whipping poles of mass mediocrity, and to have to live completely dependent on the mother of all wars, as it is for most people.

And a lot of that lack of independence shows up, when people start considering translating over from one system to another.

They may want to be able to continue to judge all things from a narrow minded consumers point of view, that this new system has got to be faster and better and easier to get in and make a killing and then to get out, which is the only game some of them may ever know. But that is not a real scenario that will be respected here in Eden.

We are not just shopping around, for a lot of new members, who have not got what we need to see, standing strong, and ready to fight and die for Eden when the time has come.

We are building a fully integrated community of people, and not just sheeple, as I like to call them, who will all have something real to bring to the table, and not just a long list of needs and demands.

We are only looking for real people, who don't just need a new place to live, but who have something real they want to give and just need a little help finding a way to do that.

There are going to be some changes, and you will begin to realize the differences between night and day, when you start making some of the changes, that have been called for, and that are required for any kind of real membership, in any community, or even as just one of the Friends of Eden, which is a very inclusive group, since almost anyone can become a True Friend of Eden who has something to contribute, and just wants to do their part.

The Rules of Disengagement

We've still got that, all around us. We can still work with that, but we are just going to become a lot less dependent on the politics of big money, and just so we can exert a little more power, and independence right from home, that really comes largely from having a lot more freedom, which does need to be provided, in some abundance before you can breed'em.

Those who are free to disengage, from the mad masquerade, can do so much more, with their new found freedom, than they can in an entire lifetime of the kind of slavery they had become quite convicted of.

We might even start a new language based on a new sixteen digit alpha numeric alphabet where each letter is also a number, as well as creating a whole new way of representing music, and understanding our rightful places, within the Eco-Logical world, that works through the Honor System.

We must begin to take full responsibility for the Entire Earth, and to begin to work together, in a very collaborative manner, and we also need to learn how to interact in a positive way and to serve the local communities, or else we will perish.

We are not all the in the same game. We all have different skills and resources.

We will still have to learn, how to take care of most all of our own needs and to manage our own money here, like every Tree does, just as you would normally expect to find, anywhere else in the world, even though the Deep Green Forest of Tall Trees all around it does help each Tree out tremendously, as it does anywhere life has put down roots, and begun to understand the significance of this important time and place.

We need to start thinking like the Trees, and to become as working parts of the whole Forest, which is the whole community, and as a part of the larger local EcoRegion and the entire Web of Life, as that is what makes a healthy forest feel like a healthy forest.


Community does make many things so much easier. And it's a lot nicer when it's well enough understood, in advance like when we sent a probe out to take a look at Titan, and the rings of Saturn. That's why we are putting this much forward right now, just so we can all start off on the same page, as we begin to disengage. 

We do want you to be able to get some kind of a grip on it. But to be overly grasping is not going to be highly respected, in any of the native cultures, and a lot of resentment and revenge, does not always add up to much more than a little bit of further damage to the local environment, and to our community, which thing can be magnified by the power of numbers, into becoming a very serious weapon of mass destruction, that could take us all down fast.

The corrosion of all that is good and right must be prevented. But everything remains wide open, and moving and open ended, and like the rest of the universe, it is all largely destined to remain completely unknown, which is something that we have to learn to immerse ourselves into willingly.

It is very is important, for the entire universe to be able to feel good about itself, which may appear to be just here for us to explore, and to learn from, as long as we don't try to bust everything up, but that is actually a living thing that we need to enter into with great care and much love.

New Elements

We will have much more than just one water system to draw from. That all stays in place, complete with everything else, which we must learn to embrace, because none of that is going to change, until it is time for things to change.

That is not going anywhere, so we don't want to teach our children to be intrusive grave robbers, or the whole thing could come crashing down on our heads.

All we are doing is adding a few new elements, with great care and knowledge, about what we are doing. This is not always going to be something anybody can just pay for and be done with, like it would be at a garage sale. Eden is not for Sale.

This is about beginning to learn. We don't care that much about the opinions of those who have nothing to repeat back but what has been put in there, by yours truly and a whole lot of other people, because we own that stuff and not you.

Those grave robbers of mass destruction, may need to be kept under some control at first, before they can be sold on the open market. But premature opinions are part of the problem, and that plays no part in the solution.

No Fast Decisions

If any truly good idea is ever to be put forward, then consider that to be enough, for us to chew on for the next ten thousand years. Don't worry what people think about your lack of incendiary explosiveness. We know that all things must be allowed to ripen.

The modern people, will continue to think what they have been told to think, by the Nazi party or that lazy lying lapdog news media, which is not that different because it is usually driven by a very narrow little focus, that is designed to garner votes, and that means lots of eyeballs, and so they will try to make themselves look good, which is why they can not be trusted, to actually be any good.

We do have to learn to work largely with whatever we have to cut up and eat, and will have to use some our own natural energy as much as possible. You don't have to be a strong personality, and a big winner in every way, who could tear the world apart, but you do need to be a Star in your own right, who really can shine for Eden, and not just twinkle a little bit, and then go out.

You do not have to be rich and brilliant enough, to buy this world and then to sell it for a profit. But you do have to be healthy and happy and capable, of managing your own finances, and with a positive outlook on life and death and to be able to accept some of the breeding pairs, around you which is only encouraged in this fine new community, to avoid premature self extermination. We do take breeding very seriously here, so don't knock it.

Keep the Peace

Eden should not be attacked. We don't need too much flack. And any attack on T could be seen as being an attack on Eden, who has written every issue of the Eden Journal, and who is still building and rebuilding this website, and who has written and rewritten all this material many times over, and who has managed to put this all up before the people, at his own personal expense, of time and energy and money. 

Who has put himself before the public and has tried to answer every kind of ridiculous question tossed at him, that you could possibly imagine? Who has hosted all the Lodge Meetings? Who has organized all of the Hikes, and who has organized other cross cultural events that we have combined with other organizations, for the purposes of cross pollination?

It is so easy for a thoughtless person to take a pot shot at someone who has generously volunteered to put themselves before the public as much as possible, just in order to build some bridges, that will serve the greater good.

What Eternal Optimist, has poured the better part of his own personal energy into this project, and who has used his own personal magic to bring about the beginnings of Truth and who has made the Honor System known, to all who have a mind that they can call their own.

It is time to infuse the vision of Eden within our own spirit of creative dignity and grace, in order to take the place of empty space, and to give some life, to this whole thing, in a world full of strife, that really would have no reason to live, unless something really could be done with it.

It is so easy to just fire off an angry bullet of an email from the comfort of ones own personal position of anonymous isolation, in some little cubby hole somewhere, where there will be no accountability for your actions, but that can only be seen as being a thoughtless and cowardly excuse, and it is just a cover up, for not being good enough for Eden.

Things are the way they are for good reason. We do have to start out on good terms with T, and we need to be able to maintain that, and not just to falsify it, and to suck up like a dog, like we usually do, with so many other things in life.

I do want to apologize to all people, for thrusting myself forwards, of my own volition, which normally would be a crime. But that is just the way we must begin and then eventually, as it is said, that everything in Eden will become much more Work Group oriented, and then much more Council oriented ,as we progress.

But there is a vicious dog eat dog cycle that a lot of people are trapped in, and a natural process of self elimination going on here, that must be respected, so please do not interfere with any of the magical workings that you may see going on here, under penalty of severe repayment.

We will make no deals with the Twin Towers of Need and Greed, which is no place to plant your seed.

Lastly I just wanted to add that it might be nice if young people in Eden, would be given the chance to play around with jobs and duties, and to help out, about 4 hours a week, just like the adults, with the general maintenance work, on the uncompromised lands of Eden.

That would give them at least some experience, within the real world, that would normally be denied access to them.

They may have to learn to do many different things in Eden, while they are here on Earth, just so they don't grow up as completely out of balance and as grossly incompetent, and sedentary consumers who will have no place in this world.

I think the reason we have seen so many problems with basic communications of Truth Signals, in this highly concentrated focal point of this emerging movement is because of this gray area of gross incompetence, that is like a dead zone.

That has become so deeply engrained in these defenders of the status quo, who would have been all too content to remain totally untrained, and unskilled, in the most basic instincts to survive and to thrive and not just to take a nose dive.

We would like to see all good people become able to gain at least some of the skills that will be needed for respectful Eden Inter-action, which is now needed if we are going to be able to save this dying planet before the ancient kings return to have this place evacuated. - T


To Save the Earth

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