Human Scale

Because it Takes a Whole Village

Eden Rising

Critical Mass

There is a Critical Mass that is very necessary to reach a certain level of integration which is necessary to become a fully balanced Self Sustainable EcoVillage Community with its own Sustainable Micro-Economy.

There needs to be people with all different interests and skills. People with different abilities and resources. It is not so much a magic number as it is a quantity and quality of resources. We need a large Resource Base that grows up in the support of this project. We need to have a certain size here also because Eden Valley is the size it is.

Smaller Communities

Will never be able to reach that level of full integration that becomes truly Eco-Logical. Everything comes from the Earth here in Eden. We have to return to a more balanced way of living in the Earth. But that does require actually meeting certain minimum size standards and sustainable land to people ratios like 3 acres per person like we will have been laying down as law here in Eden.

We are not just to remain as prisoners here of our own devise which is the eventual condition of a people separated into individual biological units that don't work for the common good because they are set in competition against each other by the system they live within. That system will eventually self destruct. That's why we need to disengage from that as much as we can without cutting off our own Freedoms and Powers.

Community is more than just an encampment on the outskirts of town. We have something more important to do which could be called Human Scale Integration. We need our own real space to do that on to show what we can do if we were going to do something and we are. We are a very new people with a new vision and we need a full sized EcoVillage Community to be a able to Integrate our Vision of  an Earth Restored into a World at Peace.

We have our own People

We need to have our own land to take care of. We need to have our own vision to carry on into the great beyond that awaits us just around the bend. And now that we do it is time to integrate. Each one of us has a different contribution to make towards this ever expanding and bold new vision of living for a reason that has left many speechless in their tracks and for good reason.

We will show who we really are by the actions we take in responsibility for the support of this vision of a community that has been set up to be the way it should be from the start. We become very competent people capable of doing almost anything that needs to be done. We work for Eden and we work for peace. We help each other build our houses and we share useful information towards the common good.

Cost Effective

We do better together in many ways by pooling our resources and then preserving and recycling our resources. That saves us a lot of time and money. We are creating a way of life that is Human Scale and that is more cost effective and we have all the resources we need to be able to do just that. And as a large group of over 300 people we do have a great potential to help a lot of other people around the world who want to learn how to form communities that work too.

We are still all linked up with many other communities who may now want to become linked up into a loose association of EcoVillage Communities in dialogue who could be called The Emerald Forest.

Each of these communities would be like Trees that we are planting all over the world and as they grow into full maturity and begin to reach out to each other they will become more like a Forest of mutually supporting Trees that does have some control over its own environment.

We don't eliminate all problems. And sometimes we may want to see someone come through with an obvious solution. That is the way we must teach the Children to become self resourceful and not like some of their parents that still don't know which way to go unless somebody tells them exactly what to do. That's why we like people to initiate their very own personal relationship with this community.

Gender Equality

We do have the chance to offer one of the finest new possibilities that so many people really do need. No Down Payment. And that will make it possible for this community to bring people in from a wider diversity of economic classes and this also promotes Gender Equality.

One out of 3 can come in this way. But those who bring less of one thing will have to have more of another. We can't do everything with nothing. We just cannot extend that kind of an offer all around. It would not be Eco-Logical. It wouldn't work. We have to become much more practical and capable of making clear and well understood decisions that will be in the best interests of Eden and for the Earth.

One in Three

A few people can jump right in who have come here without any substantial resources only after 2 others have kicked in with a down payment or a full payment and made that all possible.

We need 2 out of 3 to be able to come through with at least the basic $6,000 down pledge. And in the early stages we actually do also need a few people to come through with the full ConTribution Pledges if possible so we can make the down payment on the land and that will save you money anyway.


This really is a very Permanent Culture that will be fit to be extended way beyond just the Earth works with what we really do have within the natural world in which we will be finding ourselves in both physically and economically no matter where we may find our selves in the middle of this great universe while the rest of the world keeps on going down the dead end road it is on and without a clue about what they are going to do.

Then eventually we will be able to open our doors to the world so people can see what we have done. And at this point many will wish that they had done what we did when we had done it.

Permanent Culture

Things fit together and mutually support each other and that's what this is really all about. And that may be why this community is designed to be the way it is with a high degree of Integrated Diversity and that is way different from just plain old every day ordinary diversity. That is for long term stability.

Not to get something for nothing but to join in the creation of something for the greater good. And that means that sometimes we have to make some tough decisions. Then after everyone else has died off we will live on as a part of what we have created very much like an Eco-Logical Monastery which has to be formed by an integrated group of people that does eventually build quite a few things out of their own resources of time and money and all the materials they have been walking around on for thousands of years.

Places for those who have become an integral  part of the many new solutions that will be needed as real Humanitarians. A Real Habitat for Humanity has to be more than just an empty box. Places that are for the whole community to enjoy now will need to be built in accordance with a whole new order of priorities.

The Web of Life comes first not the needs of the All Too Many. The Communities of life are like a Forest Ecosystem or an EcoVillage Community or a Tribe of native peoples. Then after all has been done well and good and all has been provided for then the individuals needs may be considered after all that.

When someone disappears, everything is left as it is intact for the rest of the Brother/Sisterhood to be managed for the good of the community. This is the next step on the journey towards true Permaculture. It does have something to do with relationship and the community.

We don't haul our clippings off to the dump like these fools who don't use tools. Here we will be able to apply all these magical principles of right livelihood to more than just the landscapes around us which is what most people think Permaculture is to remain limited to. But we know that there is much more to it.

Most everyone of us will probably want to take the Permaculture Design Course. At least one person from each Homestead would be expected to volunteer to be of service in this way. That will ensure that everybody is well trained and well informed.

We will then bring people in and show them what we are talking about. How to build natural passive solar homes. How to live within our own watershed and the larger NorthCoast Eco Region in a more sustainable manner.

How to grow our own food using only what is there with no outside inputs. How to make some of the things we use and how to live within our own Self-Sustainable Micro Economy in Peace and Balance within the Natural World. Saving the Earth. These are the things we talk about in Eden.

The Post Nuclear Family

What is the Post Nuclear Family really going to look like? And what can we expect to find growing in Eden? I think it might be safe to say that the future of the nuclear family in Eden is going to be a whole new experience for most people who don't even know how to think about anything else.

I think we can expect to see a lot of Mothers and their children living happily with no man to depend upon being needed.

In Eden this will be viewed as a healthy lifestyle that works and as a welcome addition to our community and as a totally normal family structure.

We continue to support those men who can hang on to any woman under these conditions, but we can no longer continue to put those people first, who still may think they have to conform to the older model as the ideal family of days gone by which is no longer the only ideal family model of the future, and so the male could soon become obsolete.

This is what real Social Change really looks like. And you can see that it really is quite different than just feeding into algae bloom which thing accomplishes nothing towards a sustainable way of life.

People don't need any outside inputs and that would be an endangerment to the local and global environment.

Death is Eco-Logical. We know that death is just a necessary component of the natural workings of a healthy ecosystem that is normal and natural, and we rely upon that to keep the population healthy and strong and in good working condition.

What we are doing in Eden is moving towards an Eco-Logical system of ethics and rights and responsibilities that cannot be contaminated with any of these false beliefs about what is right and what is not right, most of which have come from various religious sources which do not hold up to Eco-Logical Scrutiny.

New understanding about how ecosystems work is what will set us free from these doctrines of dominator culture. We will use this as a new basis of sound judgment which really is the closest we can ever hope to come to absolute justice.

People are perhaps a bit defensive about the nuclear family meltdown sometimes, like that is something that needs to be propped up forever, like the family farm, which seems to be disappearing at a rapid rate, along with some of the best farmland which is now being used up, as fast as oil, for cheap developments of mac-mansion subdivisions, which are just not sustainable. But then when you offer them something new, like an EcoVillage that was more than just another housing development they pull back, like it was a great danger and a threat. That is a sign of dependency and that leads to decline.

But that means no improvements will be tolerated and that leaves no room for the change makers to be able to grow and to expand into their own rightful domains and an integral part of the EcoVillage Community.

There is a whole new kind of marriage that we are proposing, and that is to become married up to the whole community, and not just to one man or one woman or one child or one dog or one cat, as it has been badly crippled in the past by these less than imaginative ideas and people, who have always held us down by the power of numbers, and that is what we must now begin to disengage from, as well as the politicians who manipulate the populations by pandering to buy their votes.

A New form of Marriage

That could even be the missing key to a good marriage and that could be the key to a good wholesome well rounded family life with happy children and old folks in a multi-generational community with a real connection to the land, and where you know that everybody there will be held seriously accountable to the community for any wrong doing which has to be paid back for.

A willingness to marry into the whole community is what we should all be looking for among the many prospective new members and not just more babies having babies out of need and greed for motherhood which is power and status which can be supplied in other ways, such as through the Honor System, where a few people may choose to get some recognition for their progress, which has always come at some great price.

We do have to have a new plan here to take some of the best of the new people into some new territory, and not just to take them off to die somewhere, as otherwise we would be just setting people up with a series of mac-mansions in the deserts of obsolete living for another lifetime of anonymous isolation that can only come to a screeching halt because that would not be sustainable.

The proof of that is that most people would not even dream of insisting upon having a 2 acre Farmsite as well as a 3 acre homestead in an Intentional Community all to themselves. But why did people think they didn't ever have to become self sufficient in food production? That is what they were taught.

We accept all good folks who can make a real contribution. All that has been rejected only needs to be further worked on, and built upon, and that did not need to be discarded, or misplaced and devalued within the natural order of priorities except as a defense against the Truth in Eden which we all must live by.

And yes in a real world, and within a whole new way of life that works, you will be able to know not only where your food comes from, and who the fathers of your children are, but you may also know exactly where you are going to be buried, when you die in Eden, so you can go and make peace with that spot in advance.

Some of the best among us, may even choose to have a tree planted right over their graves right here in Eden, where there friends and family, can hike over to plant some flowers on anytime they might want, that may grow up to be a great big Tree.

But why not have it understood that all teenaged children of Eden will be expected to put in at least 4 to 8 hours a week of light weight community service work within the uncompromised lands of our growing community of peace and plentitude, alongside the adults, which should be fine as long as there are no power tools involved, which is for their own safety.

Our Children don't need to be trapped behind a desk with a whole lot of pointless paperwork, and to be endlessly trapped in the nursery school environment, when they are already old enough and mature enough to go outside, and to join in with the ongoing work of this community.

But how can we expect the children to follow where the adults will not lead. Eden is very Personal. Community is about relationship.

Permaculture is about relationships. Please do feel free to chime in with something that you think is useful. We do welcome your  active collaboration.

How many have gotten the message and can resonate well enough with these things is just one of the first questions. But we do need to see your best contributions in full participation and sharing your self and maybe even some small amount of monetary support and some good words of encouragement, and an honest expression of hope and good will for the project might be expected.

Nothing is Safe. We may even have to take some chances, if we ever hope to escape, from the washouts and the fadeouts which are the very worst of the impending consequences, of the Global Environmental Crisis, which is already dawning upon us.

We may just happen, to be the only ones, who have the real ability, and the real inclination, and the real interest, to actually do this whole thing up right, and when you look around, you can see that, there are not too many others out there, who we can really depend upon, to help us to take care of any of this as fully committed coworkers and partners until the bitter end.

Why do we respond, so whole heartedly, to this vision, when almost no one else, would even take the time, to consider the possible significance, of these words that have been left to us, from the olden times.

Maybe it was expected that it would travel all around the world just as it has, so that it would have the widest possible audience.

We may have to forget about premature disagreement, sweet for some though that may be.

We all have to be willing, to listen and to learn, and to respond fully, to the call to action under the banner of Truth, which we all must become willing to lay our lives down and die for.

If we are going to Save the Earth, we are going to have to make some great personal sacrifices, which means the loss, of that fatal sense, of personal self importance, that we have to stop teaching to our children, and that comes from having been stuck, with premature emancipation, too much freedom, wrongful enrichment, and no personal responsibility, and no accountability whatsoever, until they get caught, which thing is backwards from the Natural Order of Priorities.

In the Tribe you have to earn it before you can burn it. You have to earn a place in the Tribe, just like it is in any real community. Then you can discard it all, but you have to have earned it first. You can leave, then, only after you have arrived. That is the natural order of the universe that all must uphold. And these are tools that we can use.

Some of us are going to have to begin to take some responsibility, for the other brothers and sisters, who are like the littler children, in this extended family tribe of people, who are the People of the Emerging Ark of Truth, and that has to come together, into a very real series of relationships, where you really do have to marry into the whole family tribe.

We all have to become willing to join in with the whole tribe, on many different levels, just so that we can keep on keeping on, without remaining dependent upon that which cannot be depended upon, and by disengaging from over dependency, which is something that, we should already have begun to disengage from by now.

We should all be working to have our own place on the land, with resources that have been collected over a lifetime of service in honor to the Earth.

Many of us may have already begun to Disengage, in many ways, on a more limited scale, l like I have been doing for over 20 years, living closer to the Earth, with a little more self sufficiency, and energy independence, and getting out of debt, and to grow some of our own food.

We may have even been working very hard to free ourselves up just a little bit, from all these chains that bind us, and all these reigns that blind us, but now it is time, to pull that all back together again, into a well Integrated Ecological Package, which could help us all, to move forwards, into a whole new world, that is Beyond Paradise.

We will be entering into a world that still does have all the extremes still in place, just like it is in the real Universe, where you could freeze to death on Pluto or get burned by the Sun, and that is what the real purpose and the meaning of True Love Feeling really is all about here, which is for all the Kindred Spirits of the Emerald Forest to share, who have earned a place of honor within the truly fine circle of this elegant new community.

But you do have to join us with a heartfelt contribution in hand, like some food for the hungry, and with a good word to say, and when you leave you have to say goodbye. - T


To Save the Earth